wellness activities

Free your spirit, motivate your mind, inspire your soul !!! 

Experience your Wellness with Book your Sailing Retreats! 
We provide 2 day and 3 day Wellness packages according to your needs. 
Keep your body, mind and spirit in harmony, relax, while improving your inner strength and peace with Yoga, Pilates and Intellectual wellness activities. 
Our Wellness experience is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. 

Bring your mat and leave the rest to us!

corporate events

Spice up your Company or Special Event !!!

Corporate Yacht Events 
What impresses clients or top performers in your company more than an innovative meeting, dinner or cocktail party onboard? 
Leave your office behind and enjoy your next corporate event! 

Special Yacht Events 
Allow us to organize your wedding proposal, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding ceremony/vow renewal, photoshoot, dinner or a unique gift onboard!

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